5 Days: 1 Country – Brazil

Best times: Feb

Let your dance, drama and performing arts students experience the energy, excitement and colourful costumes of Rio’s world famous, Carnivale. Be inspired by the festival’s performances and sheer exhilaration and see why this is the greatest party on earth! This tour includes opportunities to meet with local costume makers and performers and build your very own Carnivale costume. We also enjoy all the best sights and attractions Rio has to offer.



28 Days: 5 Countries – Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador

Best times: Sep to Mar

This tour covers it all! From Ancient history, to art history, from fascinating and unique architecture to soaring natural landscapes. Explore Cusco, known for its cobblestone streets and Spanish architecture; travel through the scenic Sacred Valley; discover the magical ruins of Machu Picchu; cruise the southern Chile coastline and the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador and see Darwin’s theory of evolution in action. A visit to lively Buenos Aires is always a hit and then onto explore the thunderous Iguazu Falls. We finish the tour by visiting all the famous sights in Rio de Janeiro where you may choose to add on our popular Rio Carnivale tour for an even greater South American experience for your performing arts students.



28 Days: 5 Countries – Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador

Best times: Sep to Mar

Do it all and explore the wonders of South America. For those with a truly adventurous spirit this epic journey includes all your favourite sights and destinations from our similar Odyssey tour: from the bustling Rio streets to quiet ancient temples; live volcanoes and thunderous waterfalls. Enjoy a more in-depth look at Peru, visiting the white city of Arequipa; the Colca Valley with its volcanoes, condors and canyons; iconic Machu Picchu; the wilds of the Amazon Jungle and spectacular Iguazu Falls. The vibrant cities of Buenos Aires and Rio offer a wonderful contrast and finale to this amazing tour where, again, you may wish to add on Rio Carnivale.