South America With Us

Whether your group is looking for adventure, cultural experiences, a sporting tour, wildlife discovery, trekking expeditions or a particular geographical interest, South America has it all and CATW can take you there.


We love South America because it’s so different from any other parts of the world. You can explore ruins, rhythm and a rich ecology and whether you want your senses tantilised with a multi-country CATW South America tour or to focus on a particular area of study, the possibilities are endless. Our incentives and South American inclusions make us the best.


The larger your group size, the more significantly we can arrange discounts on flights and accommodation. Some people have saved
thousands… literally! And because we’re regulars to most parts of the world we get “mate’s rates” discounts on most accommodation and group activities. All of these savings are passed onto our school groups.


We really have the inside knowledge on the ground in each country we travel to and know all the best and most exclusive learning activities and experiences. Whether you decide white-water rafting in Costa Rica is your style, or if discovering the wildlife and prehistoric ecosystems on the Galapagos Islands is more up your group’s alley, one thing is for sure… you’re going to experience amazing things you have never experienced before!

Whether you want to fish for piranhas in the Pantanal, or cruise to the Antarctic, you are never too young or old to embark on an adventure and do something that pushes your personal boundaries.


We have spent 25 years perfecting our educational tours and programs to have real curriculum links to your school’s syllabus. Because South America is a Geography teacher’s dream, this place really is a “living classroom” lesson.


Classrooms Around the World’s Tour Managers and Local Guides do this for a living. They know how to make the most of your time so you won’t miss a thing.


Your tour program will include all entry fees, admissions and tickets to major sights and attractions.


Most of the things we offer on our tours you can’t get by booking yourself.