Performing Arts

CATW can customise a performing arts tour for your dance, drama or music ensemble including workshops, performances and exchange programs and performances at local schools.

We take performing groups in: Dance, Music, Choirs, Bands & Orchestra, Acting / Drama


Festival Events, Competitions, Theme Park Showcase Performances, Perform on Cruise Ships



  • Specific Performing Arts Genre Workshops
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Master Class Tuition Fees
  • Ticket Admission to Theme Parks & Performance Venues
  • International and Domestic Airfares/Flights/Cruise Passage.
  • All Transport
  • 3 Star + Shared Hotel Accommodation
  • Sightseeing and Visits to Major Attractions
  • Specialist Tour Conductor throughout your tour
  • All Taxes, Fees & Gratuities


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Best Performing Arts Tours


JTF Atlanta


7 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Jan

Similar to our Actors in America tour, this tour is a reduced version taking in the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, Georgia and a stop-off via Disneyland, Anaheim on the way home after the festival. Enjoy the full experience of the biggest and best festival dedicated to young people and musical theatre in the world and then attend performance and acting workshops at Disneyland. You may wish to add a brief cultural exchange at an American school for little extra cost.



7 Days:1 Country – Greece

Best times: Apr

With a focus on attending and performing at the headlining festival, this tour also takes in the sights, sounds and attractions of Greece. This festival is held every April and CATW can easily arrange more performance and workshop opportunities in Europe to extend and enhance your choir’s CATW experience. In addition we can also assist with entry and submissions for the World Choir Games which is also held every year.

Performing Arts Dance Tour


7 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: All Year

Ideal for the music or dance ensemble looking for a cheap, quick and easy opportunity to perform and learn in the USA. This tour includes masterclasses, workshops and performance opportunities in local venues, universities and schools in San Diego, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Disneyland. Thrown in for a healthy dose of sightseeing is San Diego’s world famous Sea World and Zoo.



12 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: All year

Want more? If you’re a dance or a music ensemble looking to extend your trip in the USA to include more discovery, more masterclasses, more performances and more learning opportunities, this trip gives students everything you can expect from the 7 day California Performance Taster PLUS a few nights in Vegas and a homestay experience living with a family on the West coast.

Disneyland dance tour page


15 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: All Year

Immerse your students in the real USA way of life as a performer. This tour incorporates access to professional dance and music tuition in Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Universal Studios, Santa Monica, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, San Diego and Las Vegas. Jam-packed with more performances and masterclasses, this fast-paced tour will leave your students with a hunger for more.



27 Days: 3 Countries – USA, Bahamas, Caribbean

Best times: All year

USA Dance Odyssey is our biggest dance and performing arts tour of the USA. Highlights include learning from the stars of Broadway; performing on stage in Disneyworld and Universal Studios; backstage tours of some of Vegas’ biggest stages; and performance cruises through the Bahamas and Caribbean islands. Packed with a great mix of more performances, more masterclasses and a healthy dose of leisure and sightseeing time, this tour is a must for every dance school. Includes Grand Canyon, Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Picadilli Circus

EUROPEAN DANCE EXPLORER including Mediterranean Cruise

19 Days: 3 Countries – UK, France, Greece

Best times: Mar to Nov

This dance escapade starts in the UK where you will be immersed in a variety of travel and performing arts experiences. From the sights and sounds of London and the vibrant West End to catch the latest musical craze, we then cross the English Channel and visit the world’s most famous cabaret stage – the Moulin Rouge, and to enjoy learning from the Paris Opera Ballet. Enjoy multiple performances and workshops at Euro Disneyland. Add in a trip down to Greece for a performance at a local Athens school and you have yourself the perfect European Dance Tour. Then to top it all off, relax and unwind by enjoying a 3 day performance cruise around the sparkling Mediterranean.


ROYAL CARIBBEAN PERFORMANCE CRUISE incorporating Disneyland and Universal Studios

7 Days: 2 Countries – USA, MEXICO

Best times: All Year

Sail the high seas on board Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas, enjoying the cruising lifestyle while entertaining the ship’s guests. This tour is great for those smaller performing arts groups on a budget, that want to try something different. Monarch of the Seas Performance Cruise can also enhance another USA Performing Arts Tour as an easy and inexpensive add-on.



8 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: All Year

As the song goes, “Bright lights city gonna set my soul on fire”, this tour will offer great opportunities to perform and learn in local Vegas Universities and schools while enjoying everything “Sin City” has to offer. Tour includes Grand Canyon helicopter flight, Cirque Du Soleil performances, backstage tours, a homestay experience with a Vegas school and much, much more.



21 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

Enjoy once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to learn and grow in the entertainment capitals of the world. Includes workshops with real Broadway artists in New York and an audition session with a real Hollywood casting director. The tour also lets you compete at the Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta and to top it all off, you get to spend time at the happiest place on earth… Disneyland. As an actor you couldn’t ask for more.

UK Literary Tour Shakespeares Globe


32 Days: 3 Countries – USA, ENGLAND, SCOTLAND

Best times: Various

Includes all the major sights, attractions and opportunities as “Actors in America” PLUS workshops and performances on London’s West End, Shakespeare’s Globe on the South Bank of buzzing London and then a trip up to the biggest theatre festival in the world – the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where you can enjoy theatre and entertainment from all over the world.

dance odessey tour paris


32 Days: 4 Countries – USA, ENGLAND, FRANCE, GREECE

Best times: various

Ever wanted to experience the performing arts on the world’s biggest and brightest stages? Dance your way from Broadway to Hollywood? Our show-stopping dance tours are our specialty and this one is the pinnacle, offering spectacular opportunities to watch, perform and learn in the entertainment capitals of the world. From the streets of Broadway to the glittering star-studded Hollywood Boulevard; from the world renowned Moulin Rouge stage in Paris, to the pavements of the happiest place on earth… Disney World, you’ll be living this dream in your mind for the rest of your life. To top it all off, relax on board your cruise ship by day and entertain the ship’s guests by night.



3 Days: 1 Country – AUSTRALIA

Best times: Sep to Mar

Most popular among young Australian performing arts groups, this trip is the ideal quick visit to the arts capital of Australia to check out the latest musical theatre experiences. Sydney Arts Tours also available. Both trips can include premiere venue backstage tours and workshops at the countries leading theatre companies.

UK literary adventure


3 Days: 1 Country – UK

Best times: Mar to Nov

As with all CATW tours you will visit all the main attractions like Stone Henge, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, the British Museum, the Roman Baths and much more. The real vibe of this tour is getting under the skin of this culturally rich region of the world and doing things the CATW way. We visit Snowdon in Wales; the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland; the birthplace of Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and as an extra treat, the Harry Potter Tour. With CATW your group or ensemble will have many memorable opportunities to perform in public spaces and venues, schools and possibly venues such as St Andrews Square, the Queen Anne Gardens and Edinburgh Castle. Other popular activities include seeing a show on the West End; touring the historic Royal Opera House; the iconic Beatles tour in Liverpool; Celtic dancing and Highland music in Scotland and of course, experiencing a choir performance at Westminster Abbey.