Try our language discovery tours. Whatever your taste, each of these five tours will thoroughly immerse you in a full cultural experience that takes in the sights, sounds and tastes of your chosen country. You can spend as long as you like in these countries. We can tailor any trip to suit your budget, time frame and intended language experiences. Read on for some of our most popular tours.


7+ Days: 1 Country – Japan

Best times: Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec

From the wooden buildings of Old Kyoto to iconic modern Tokyo, Japan has a rich ancient and modern cultural heritage. There’s also no better way to boost confidence in your Japanese language students than by immersing them in the Japanese way of life.



7+ Days: 1 Country – China

Best times: Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec

This experience gives students more than just a language tour. It gives them an opportunity to explore an ancient country, its people and culture. CATW can also assist with finding local schools to host a homestay program. In addition, students can visit Shanghai and Beijing.

A Taste of France


7+ Days: 1 Country – France

Best times: Mar to Nov

Immerse your students in the French way of life with visits to the culture capital of Paris, the glorious châteaux of the lush Loire Valley and the glittering Mediterranean coastline. A tour can be interspersed with language lessons or a homestay experience to further develop communication skills in a practical environment.



7+ Days: 1 Country – Spain

Best times: Mar to Nov

Visiting Spain will expose your students to thousands of years of art, culture and architecture. Language lessons have never been more fun with this visit to one of the most colourful countries in the world. Vibrant cities like Madrid and Barcelona will inspire and excite.

A Touch of Italy


7+ Days: 1 Country – Italy

Best times: Mar to Nov

Full of history, culture, romanticism and spectacular architecture, a tour of Italy is bound to inform and inspire. Students language skills will be challenged at every turn as they explore the piazzas, monuments, galleries and markets that abound. As well as planned language lessons, school groups will also experience the real language of Italy… its food!