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Ancient History2


15 Days: 3 Countries – Greece, Italy, Turkey

Best times: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

Our ‘Ancient History Discovered’ tour has become one of our most popular educational tours, promising adventure and unforgettable memories. Experience the breathtaking ancient pathways of Minoan, Hellenic and Roman culture. Discover ancient Greece through historic events such as the Trojan, Persian and Peloponnesian wars, the age of Pericles and the campaigns of Alexander the Great. Visit the ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean and the archaeological sites of Greece, the Greek Islands, Italy, Great Britain and Turkey. Trace the routes of the Roman Empire from its Etruscan origins through its glorious Imperial days and to its ultimate decline.

austalian battlefields tour


14 Days: 3 Countries – France, Belgium, Turkey

Best times: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

For an emotional life changing experience, pay your respects to the fallen at Gallipoli – ANZAC Cove, Suvla Bay and Cape Helles. Stand upon the ANZAC battlefields of The Somme and Flanders Fields and remember the 48,000 Australians who tragically sacrificed their lives on the Western Front. See the Commonwealth grave sites of fallen diggers from World War II including Greece, Crete and Al Alamein. Experience Normandy, France, the site of the most pivotal event of World War II, the D-Day landings of 1944. Visit the memorial cemeteries of the allied forces, the monuments and the museums.



14 Days: 1 Country – Italy

Best times: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

Uncover the greatest ancient and historical region in the world. Steeped in archeological wonders, this country is truly a living history lesson. Students will discover and explore some of the most powerful Etruscan city states including Cerveteri and Targuinia. Experience Roman daily life first hand. See the focal point of Roman life, the Roman Forum, where people gathered to shop, vote, revere their gods, submit to justice and hear political speeches. Then move onto Rome and Southern and Western Sicily. Students will enjoy their history lesson standing as a spectator from inside the Colosseum, the classic symbol of Imperial Rome. Followed by day trips out to surviving elements of the aqueducts, ancient Rome’s supreme achievement and ingenious system of urban water supply, including a walk inside the water channel.

medeteranean sailing tour


7 Days: 3 Countries – Italy, Greece and Turkey

Best times: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

The best way to travel and explore the lands of the ancient epic Odyssey. Embrace the arts, culture and history of the Mediterranean. A Visit to Gallipoli and Anzac Cove is a must for Australian travellers.

Footsteps of St Paul


14 Days: 3 Countries – Greece, Turkey, Italy

Best times: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

Follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest biblical icons in history. CATW offers a glimpse, not only of the sights of present-day Aegean cities and landscapes, but something of the feeling and sense that could have been Paul’s as he travelled in the Hellenistic Roman world of the Emperor Nero. St. Paul spent most of his Christian life travelling in the lands of present day Turkey however we take a wider view of his entire travels starting with Istanbul through Adana, Cappadocia, Konya, Antalya, Pamukkale, Kusadasi, Izmir, Ayvalik and onto Mars Hill, Corinth, Bema, Philippi, and Thessaloniki. Our journey through the same routes will not be as difficult as Paul’s original travels via foot.