Earth Sciences

Our geography and earth science tours are perfect for young explorers ready for adventure. We introduce students to the diverse and physical natural landscapes and experiences of our world. There really is no better way to understand a landscape than to touch, feel and experience it. Among our most popular programs these tours are truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for students and teachers alike. Following are a few samples of our most popular earth science tour programs.

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new zealand short trip


10 Days: 1 Country – New Zealand

Best times: Sep to Feb

Travelling in New Zealand is about adventure, big backdrops, and some of the best geographical sights in the world. This tour gets you up close to the Southern
Alps, Milford Sound, Queenstown, the breathtaking Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, stunning forests and lakes, and little towns that will make you think you’ve gone back in time.

urban sprawl tour


8 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

Wander along the edge of the San Andreas Fault to get a full understanding of how the Earth’s crust is shifting while taking in the awe of the urban sprawl of the world’s largest Megalopolis that is Southern California. This tour is often complimented and combines with our other tours – USA NATIONAL PARKS, WILD WEST AMERICA and/or MAJESTIC CANADA. You may want to add on a New York visit while you’re over that side of the world. This city is just as impressive.

canadian rockies


10 Days: 1 Country – Canada

Best times: Mar to Nov

The songs and legends inspired by the iconic natural landscapes of Canada are countless. If you’re looking to inspire your students with big backdrops and jaw-dropping scenery it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful and rugged landscape than Canada’s momentous west and the Rockies. Taking in destinations such as Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Vancouver and Whistler, this tour is jam-packed with stimulating earth science wonders, complimented by exhilarating outdoor adventures such as walking on a glacier.

medeteranean sailing tour


7 Days: 3 Countries – Italy, Greece and Turkey

Best times: Mar to Nov

The best way to travel and explore the lands of the ancient epic Odyssey. Embrace the arts, culture and history of the Mediterranean. A Visit to Gallipoli and Anzac Cove is a must for Australian travellers.



7 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

Experience and feel the diversity of America’s iconic and awe inspiring National Parks. This breathtaking tour includes a generous aray of landscapes in various states. The wild wildernesses of Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah will mesmerise students and enhance their love and appreciation for Geography.

barrier reef diving small


7 Days: 1 Country – Australia

Best times: Sep to Mar

Students will gain no better understanding of the delicate balance of an ecosystem than to experience them first hand. Sunny Northern Queensland offers great opportunities for students to explore and experience two World Heritage sites up close. Visit and explore the fragile coral and colourful fish on the Great Barrier Reef and then once your feet are back on dry land, students can wander through the lush Daintree rainforest and explore Cape Tribulation. This area of Australia is truly a wonderland of ecosystems and local guides will explain how they are under threat and why.



5-7 Days: Country of your choice – New York, London, Shanghai, Dubai

Best times: Various

Study the urban development and geography of one of the biggest cities in the world. CATW offer specialist tours to four of the most impressive and soaring (and not to mention most populated) built-up cities on the planet. These urban jungles are sure to impress and wow students as they explore their chosen city and its growth. These tours are an affordable and easy way to enhance your geography curriculum.


5-7 Days: 1 Country – Australia

Best times: Sep to Mar

One of the world’s great natural aquatic wonders. A quick geography getaway taking in Townsville, Cairns, Port Douglas and Magnetic Island, this tour makes the perfect experience for those budding marine biologists. This secluded experience allows you to step straight off the pristine beach of your coral island into the magical world of reef life. Snorkelers, divers, sailors and fun-lovers looking for a stunning, relaxing, yet educational experience will love this tour. Being on our door step this trip is a nice, easy experience that will suit any budget.

grand canyon


8 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

The geography and history of the early days of the United States is captured beautifully in this wild western tour. The tour takes in the impressive gorge that is the Grand Canyon. Rock and land formations are explored in Monument Valley to get a thorough and hands-on understanding of how our earth is shaped over millions of years. You may want to tack on an Urban Sprawl Tour of Southern California while you’re there. It is a great contrast to the natural formations of the US deserts and can give a more well rounded understanding of how humans have affected the natural environment. Follow Route 66 to the canyon lands to see impressive desert landforms and environments.



15 Days: 1 Country – Antarctica

Best times: Various

Antarctica is truly the final frontier; often the top of many “bucket lists” and is regarded as one of the most rewarding lifetime experiences. Retrace the path of early explorers, search for colonies of King Penguins and keep an eye out for whales. Nowhere else in the world can you experience the vastness and enormity of these barren winter landscapes with sheer glaciers, abundant wildlife and the “Iceberg Alley”. Antarctica is a world on its own and under threat of global warming; it may not be around forever and with CATW offering unique geography voyages to this icy wilderness, there has never been a better incentive to organise a school excursion.