About Australia

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In our humble opinion Australia is…well…THE BEST!

The Aussie lifestyle and diverse landscapes including spectacular coastlines, the iconic Great Barrier Reef, lush rainforests, native flora and fauna, the sparkling Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, the rugged Outback and of course our iconic sun soaked beaches make Australia the place to be.

With so much to do and choose from in Australia the only question is, where to begin?

You can stick to our vibrant and cultural capital cities (boasting the best lifestyle in the world), from Melbourne and Sydney to Darwin up the top end and Perth over in the west. Or you can challenge yourself to do things you’d never dreamed of.  Meet the people of Indigenous Australia and take in the native culture and learn about the dream-time. Throw a boomerang and see how well you can play a didgeridoo.

Australia truly encapsulates the spirit of adventure.

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