Asia With Us

CATW has an extensive range of tours that truly bring out the beauty of this amazing continent. We will take you on and off the beaten track, show all the best sights and introduce you to the real Asia.

Whatever country you choose to travel through, be it China, Japan, Thailand  or a combination of many destinations, we can guarantee your itinerary will capture the real essence of Asia.

Book one of our Asia Tours today and discover all that Asia has to offer.

Spice up your next School Excursion – experience Asia

Not only is Asia one of the most geographically varied regions, with some of the world’s oldest human settlements, it’s also one of the most geographically and culturally diverse regions on earth. And home to some world famous cuisine as well!

CATW offer a great range of tours to this magnificent continent. But, as always if you can’t find exactly what you’re after we’re able to tailor an itinerary to ensure your tour group will capture the real essence of whichever Asian country you choose to travel through.

Getting around in Asia is loads of fun. We have rode on camels and elephants, we have trekked off the beaten track,  kayaked, cycled and walked  to ensure the best culinary and cultural experiences.

Popular school group tours in Asia:

  • Trekking in the Northern hilltribe regions of Thailand or Vietnam
  • Cycling in Vietnam or Cambodia
  • Great Wall of China trek
  • Cycling to the Taj Mahal
  • Student exchange programs with sister cities in China and Japan.

They say it’s not where you go, it’s who you’re with that makes travelling memorable.

We couldn’t agree more! Over the years we have really put our own stamp on travelling to Asia. CATW not only take you to the most famous sights and to visit the most desirable locations but we offer something unique that you can’t get by booking yourself or through another company.


We buddy up with English-speaking Local Guides who, like you, have an adventurous spirit. We wouldn’t have them any other way. They are passionate about the country they take you to. They travel there often so they have tons of tips to share for amazing local experiences. Get to know their favourite places to sit and eat out, where the great shops are to find a bargain, and the must-see sights. Our Tour Guides are always there when you need them. They’re like your very own walking, talking travel manual.


The best thing about a CATW tour is that you’ll make lifelong friends. You’re travelling with like-minded people all interested in the same thing. Our students always contact us years later and tell us they’re still friends with their fellow CATW buddies. There is something about seeing the world that really ignites a spark between people. It will always be an amazing experience you will have shared.


Because we’ve been creating inspirational international educational tours for years we’ve really honed our skills and have learnt all the tricks to help make your tour extra special and memorable. We’ve found all the best bits, we can get access to more sights, we can manage your time and schedule of activities to allow a great balance of unique learning experiences and free time. We only book comfortable, family-friendly accommodation, and can arrange exclusive experiences only accessible via CATW.