10 Days: 1 Country – Vietnam

Best times: Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec

You’ll be spoiled for choice with opportunities for your geography students to explore extraordinary natural landscapes. From the world famous limestone stacks in Ha Long Bay to the little known and only recently discovered Hang Son Doong Cave in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. A tour steeped with cave explorations, floating village discovery, and kayaking along the Mekong Delta. Compare and contrast the capital Hanoi with the fast and ever-evolving Ho Chi Minh City.


12 Days: 1 Country – China

Best times: Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec

This educational tour serves up all of the best educational experiences China has to offer. From the rich, booming cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong to adventurous, intrepid journeys along the extraordinary Great Wall. Bike-ride through rice paddies and discover the Terracotta Warriors. Expand your knowledge by visiting the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Enjoy the key modern and traditional highlights that make China the most geographically spectacular and urbanised country in Asia. As a special bonus, groups may wish to add on an unforgettable visit to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.


10 Days: 1 Country – Japan

Best times: Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec

Ideal for students studying Japanese as a language and the country’s culture, class and traditions. This tour boasts visits to many of Japan’s 16 World heritage sites, from amazing Temples and shrines through to structures that have survived the ravages of war. We explore Tokyo and visit the iconic Mount Fuji and experience the sobering site of Hiroshima, where you will be able to view the Atomic Bomb Dome in Peace Memorial Park, as well as visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

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10 Days: 1 Country – Thailand

Best times: Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec

Thailand is one of the most frequently visited places on the planet and is well known for its scenic beauty, welcoming people and delicious cuisine. All the most uniquely Thai experiences are served up for your students, including staying with Hill Tribes up north in the Golden Triangle, riding an elephant at an elephant training camp and a visit to one of the many lively night markets where you can try out your bargaining skills. After a full day of sightseeing in Bangkok with its many temples and shrines, we take a day trip up to the historic Bridge over the River Kwai to understand the tragic loss of life suffered during the construction of this iconic bridge. Then finish your tour by treating your students with a jet boat ride out to world famous Phi Phi Island.


7+ Days: 1 Country – Japan

Best times: Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec

From the wooden buildings of Old Kyoto to iconic modern Tokyo, Japan has a rich ancient and modern cultural heritage. There’s also no better way to boost confidence in your Japanese language students than by immersing them in the Japanese way of life.



7+ Days: 1 Country – China

Best times: Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec

This experience gives students more than just a language tour. It gives them an opportunity to explore an ancient country, its people and culture. CATW can also assist with finding local schools to host a homestay program. In addition, students can visit Shanghai and Beijing.