7 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

Start spreadin’ the news… you’ll be buzzing every morning on this whirlwind tour of one of the world’s most exciting cities. We spotlight all the main attractions including Broadway, Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty. Ideal for Performing Arts groups and Dance companies on a budget.




21 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

From the many battlefields to the spot where Abraham Lincoln delivered the famous Gettysburg Address, to the farm where General Lee surrendered, relive many of the momentous historic events from traumatic periods in American history. See Jefferson’s plantation at Monticello, and Philadelphia, the city of Benjamin Franklin, where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were adopted. Visit the thriving campus of the United States Military Academy at West Point, which traces its origins to the time of the Revolutionary War. Washington, Virginia, Charlottesville, Richmond, Petersburg, Manassas, Philadelphia, New York City, Newport, Boston… this tour is truly a living history book.



10 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

A favourite among students, this tour will expand your realm of thinking and is sure to inspire. With this entire tour based in Florida we are free to discover the fascinating contrasts between the diverse ecosystem of Cape Canaveral and the wonders of outer space at the Kennedy Space Center, home of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. We explore the history of NASA with both the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs and relive the landing of the first man on the moon. Finally, mix fun and learning at Walt Disney World with the exciting Youth Education Series Workshops and visit the extraordinary world of Epcot, where science meets Disney.


21 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

This whirlwind tour encapsulates a journey through America’s history. Starting in America’s most historic city, Boston we focus on key USA moments in history and iconic cities and landmarks. Some of the tour highlights include the Statue of Liberty and the bright Broadway lights of New York; the memorial site of the World Trade Centre disaster of 9/11; the impressive monuments and Smithsonian museums in the US capital Washington DC and the White House. And for a truly American experience, we finish off the tour at Disney World in Florida.

CATW Performing Arts Dance Tour


7 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

Ideal for the music or dance ensemble looking for a cheap, quick and easy opportunity to perform and learn in the USA. This tour includes masterclasses, workshops and performance opportunities in local venues, universities and schools in San Diego, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Disneyland. Thrown in for a healthy dose of sightseeing is San Diego’s world famous Sea World and Zoo.


12 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

Want more? If you are a dance or a music ensemble looking to extend your trip in the USA to include more discovery, more masterclasses, more performances and more learning opportunities, this trip gives students everything you can expect from the 7 day California Performance Taster PLUS a few nights in Vegas and a homestay experience with a family on the West coast.



27 Days : 3 Countries – USA, Bahamas, Caribbean

Best times: Mar to Nov

USA Dance Odyssey is our biggest dance and performing arts tour of the USA. Highlights include learning from the stars of Broadway; performing on stage in Disneyworld and Universal Studios; backstage tours of some of Vegas’s biggest stages, and performance cruises through Bahamas and Caribbean islands. Packed with a great mix of more performances, more masterclasses and a healthy dose of leisure and sightseeing time. This tour is a must for every dance school. Includes Grand Canyon, Los Angeles and Hollywood.



8 Days: 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

As the song goes, ‘Bright lights city gonna set my soul on fire’, this tour will offer great opportunities to perform and learn in local Vegas Universities and schools while enjoying everything “sin city” has to offer. Tour includes Grand Canyon helicopter flight, Cirque Du Soleil performances, backstage tours, a homestay experience with a Vegas school and much much more.



21 Days : 1 Country – USA

Best times: Mar to Nov

Enjoy once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to learn and grow in the entertainment capitals of the world. Includes workshops with real Broadway artists in New York and an audition session with a real Hollywood casting director. The tour also lets you compete at the Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta and to top it all off, you get to spend time at the happiest place on earth… Disneyland. As an actor you couldn’t ask for more.


MONARCH OF THE SEAS PERFORMANCE CRUISE incorporating Disneyland and Universal Studios

 7 Days: 2 Countries – USA, Mexico

Best times: Mar to Nov

Sail the high seas on board Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas enjoying the cruising lifestyle while entertaining the ship’s guests. This tour is great for smaller performing arts groups on a budget that want to try something different. Monarch of the Seas Performance Cruise can also enhance another USA Performing Arts Tour as an easy and inexpensive add-on.