Jobs with CATW

Have a passion for learning and travel?

Do you like meeting new people? Like visiting interesting places? Are you a little bit of an organisation guru? Check out the list of positions available with CATW below.

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Tour Guides for CATW are responsible for the day to day running of our tours – getting our groups between airports, travelling from city to city, pointing out the best sights and sounds at all tour destinations around the world and above all, making sure all the passengers are having a great time along the way. Personality and passion are a must! You need to be hard working (as the role of Tour Guide is often a demanding position) but at the same time, friendly.

Our Tour Guides are the face of CATW. To be a part of our team you’ll need to:

  • LOVE travel (CATW tours range from 3 to 30+ days).
  • Have had experience working with and leading groups.
  • Show confidence when speaking in front of a group and have good verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Have previously travelled internationally.
  • Have previously travelled with CATW or participated in a similar group tour program.
  • Be self motivated and enthusiastic – there is a lot of expectation put on our Tour Guides.
  • Be flexible and proactive.
  • Be enthusiastic and friendly.
  • Be able to interact with people from different backgrounds.
  • Be able to work with a team.
  • Have exceptional organisational and time management skills.
  • Be able to retain historical facts about destinations we visit.
  • Have excellent knowledge about points of interest relating to the destinations we travel to.
  • Be able to guide groups in unfamiliar destinations and give good, clear directions.
  • Have the ability to deal with all types of people – our students and passengers come from many different backgrounds and have many different expectations.
  • Enjoy a challenge – being on tour with CATW constantly presents you with many unpredictable and difficult situations.
  • Be positive.
  • Be able to solve problems in a calm and mature manner. Some common problems include lost passports, injuries, conflict between passengers and students, missed flights.

  • Must hold a current passport.
  • Must be in good health.
  • Must hold a current Senior First Aid certificate.
  • Must hold a current C class drivers licence.
  • Must obtain a crimial check record and not have been previously convicted.
  • Must have a special area of interest or profession (Eg. Our Tour Guides for our Performing Arts Tours are all dancers or actors themselves. Our Ancient History Tour Guides are either history teachers or history buff.)

Although not required, the following would be preferable in your application for this position:

  • Having multiple language skills.
  • A transferable skill to offer CATW as a Consultant while not travelling as a Tour Guide.


How do I apply?
Applications for 2014 Tour Guides have now closed. We will be opening applications in September 2014 for our 2015 tours. After submitting your application you may be required for an interview.