The following images were photos taken on Classrooms Around The World tours.

Jim Bennett Receiving an AwardCross Curricula Tour circa 1996 - EBHS, Orange High School and Dubbo SOuth High School at CocoCay, Bahamas3 Combined Schools at the JF Kennedy Performing Arts CentreFirst Performing Arts Tour Group 1994EBHS Soccer Tour - San Diego SectorIndependance Tour 1Cheerleaders at Jefferson County Host Stay TourSTGGHS Host Stay Tour in Jefferson County USASTGGHS in Washington DCEBHS at the Grand CanyonCentral ParkJim at the Grand CanyonJim on TourNSW State Schools Dance Company - Leisure Time - South Beach Miami EBHS USA Tour 1993Odyssey Dance Group at Leisure in IrelandEBHS USE Tour - NY VisitAmerican Civil War - Gettysburg BattlefieldOdyssey Dance Group at the AcropolisSTGGHS - ATW Tour - Bahamas Cruise GroupPlumpton HS - Washington DCIndependence Tour 2Julie G & AnaNSW SS Dance EnsembleSTGGHS - Sienna Europe TourPlace of Versailles GardensBrent Street TourNSW Dance CompanyRaw Dance CentreAnzac Memorial - Villers Bretonneux, FranceNSW State Schools Dance Company - USA Tour FinaleAnzac Memorial - FlandersJTV Dance Group 2008Brent Street Tour 04520140122_18342120140103_00032020140103_00000720140101_23014020131230_03515720131230_03044920131229_01233620131228_00562720000121_04564820000107_05522120000106_03524420000106_03102720000106_004200100_1252100_148320131228_01123320140122_192101100_1128100_1133100_1144100_0927Brent Street Tour 059Cairns Photos-Nov.2008 019