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We love Europe! It is a continent with an array of cultures. It’s pretty amazing that in a two-hour train ride, you can be in a new country. Each run differently from the next with its own identity. Complete with individual sights, sounds, smells and tastes, it makes this continent one that is overwhelmingly intriguing.  The astounding diversity of culture is what makes Europe the destination to grow, learn and discover.

Creating tours that take in the many countries and languages is a feast for the imagination. If students learn through experience and emotional connections they will certainly come home overflowing with knowledge and enrichment after taking in Europe.

Chock-a-block full of museums, ancient ruins, churches, and some of the most famous sights in the world Europe still manages to surprise every single time. View Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower where you can see the entire city including the masterpiece of Gothic architecture, Notre Dame de Paris and of course de Louvre, an art-lover’s paradise of roughly 35,000 masterpieces, including the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa. More CATW travelers than ever are seeking out Turkey’s East-meets-West history in Istanbul, where 15 million people swarm the Grand Bazaar and the Blue Mosque each year. Then there’s St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, which is one of the world’s largest sacred buildings and one of the holiest of Catholic sites, teeming with works created by a who’s who of Renaissance artists—including Raphael, Brunelleschi, Bernini, and Michelangelo.

No trip to Europe is complete without a tour of Rome and the ancient Colosseum. Completed in A.D. 80, the arena held 50,000 spectators who watched mythology-based dramas and reenactments of land and sea battles as well as executions, fights-to-the-death among gladiators. See Venice from inside a Gondola. See the Mediterranean and the Greek Islands from the luxury of a sailing boat. The Acropolis in Athens, the Moulin Rouge‘s world famous cabaret, the impressive Sagrada Família in Barcelona, the living history lesson that is Berlin, etc etc…you get the picture!

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